Shakespeare: There’s an App for That

While enjoying Shakespeare in the park this summer season, if the breakneck delivery of their lines trips you up, you can just pull your Shakespeare library out of your pocket and check the part that you missed.

Only in the modern world can you take Shakespeare with you where ever you go and not look like an utter nerd lugging a huge, archaic tome. Though I do love my archaic tome, I’m enjoying the free version of the Shakespeare App marketed by All of Shakespeare is available at your fingertips, every poem, every play, even obscure and questionable works, with lists of Dramatis Personae and scene breakdowns. Previously I had Shakespeare available on my IPad, but they were individual plays and poems, and it was hit or miss which book app contained what, making it easier to just pull out the archaic tome or Google what I needed.

I have not tried the pro version yet but it includes a concordance, glossary, First Folio and Quarto editions of the plays in their original spelling and, what will actually get me to upgrade, line numbers.

Speaking of Free Shakespeare I loved the 60’s hippie version of As You Like It that CT Free Shakespeare put on by the water outside the beautiful American Shakespeare Theater last summer in Stratford, CT. Festival Stratford has been raising funds and battling the town of Stratford in an attempt to save the old Theater. So wondering what productions CT Free Shakespeare has lined up for this summer season and hoping they would return to the Stratford site, I pulled up the website that I check every spring.

FreeShakespeare hack

Only in the modern world. It is not cool to hack Shakespeare.


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